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5 Things That Your Dentist Keeps Out of Their Mouth

August 12, 2021

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Lemon juice

You have been told from a young age that you need to brush twice and floss once a day to keep your smile healthy, but these aren’t the only things that you should be doing to maintain excellent oral health. There are some objects that your dentist would never recommend that you put into your mouth. Continue reading to learn what you should definitely stay away from for the sake of your dental health.


You may think that lemons are healthy. After all, they are a fruit. While they do have some benefits for your overall health, they can be very damaging to your smile. This is because lemons are very acidic and can lead to enamel erosion over time. They also throw off the mouth’s ideal pH balance. Ultimately, this is a fruit that you should definitely go easy on.


Many people get satisfaction out of chewing on ice or ice chips. However, this can potentially damage your teeth. Both the enamel and ice are crystals. When you munch down on an ice cube, one of them will break. Most of the time, it is the ice, but there is always the chance that you could end up with a broken tooth.

Bottle Caps

Whether you are struggling to open a bottle of beer or a plastic bottle of cola, your teeth should never be used as a tool to crack it open. Your enamel is strong, but it isn’t indestructible. If you end up cracking your tooth down the middle, you could end up losing the tooth entirely. Try to find a bottle opener, or something else that can help you to open your beverage.

Someone Else’s Toothbrush

No matter how close you are to someone, even if it is your significant other, it isn’t a good idea to share a toothbrush. They are full of bacteria, and you could easily swap illnesses with each other that you could otherwise avoid.


Nail biting is one of the most common nervous habits that people develop. The problem is that your teeth can wear faster and nail-biting can create cracks on the enamel of the teeth until they become hypersensitive. The biting position can also put stress on your jaw and cause issues over time.

Keeping your smile healthy means being mindful on the things you are putting in your mouth. Be sure that you are avoid the items listed above. Your smile will thank you!

About the Author

Dr. Anil Patel earned his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the Government Dental College Ahmedabad in India before coming to the United States and graduating with hid Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry in Los Angeles. He is a proud Fellow of the International Dental Implant Association (IDIA) and a member of the American Dental Association and Texas Dental Association. For more information or to schedule an appointment at his office in Fort Worth, visit his website or call (817) 717-6788.

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