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Replace Missing Teeth – Fort Worth, TX

Don’t Let Tooth Loss Get You Down

If you’ve been suffering from tooth loss for many years now, then you understand the toll it can take on your daily life. Eating food can be incredibly difficult, and you might even struggle to smile for photos. At Studio Dental of Chisholm Trail, Dr. Patel can help you replace missing teeth in Fort Worth, TX to make it easy to enjoy the foods you like and restore your confidence to smile around friends and family. You can get started by contacting us to schedule an appointment today!

Man covering his mouth with his hand before replacing missing teeth in Fort Worth

Why Choose Studio Dental of Chisholm Trail to Replace Missing Teeth?

What Happens If I Do Nothing About Missing Teeth?

Older man covering his smile with his hand

As teeth are lost, the remaining teeth begin to shift into the open space, leading to significant misalignment of your smile. This process, known as “dental drift,” also leads to your bite becoming uneven. Having an uneven bite increases the risk of the teeth grinding against each other, permanently breaking down the enamel. Additionally, the risk of future tooth loss goes up with every missing tooth.

Dental Bridges

Gloved hand crafting a dental bridge

One of the most common treatments for tooth replacement is dental bridges. By fusing several dental crowns together to create one larger restoration, they can fill the gap in your smile and prevent the nearby teeth from shifting out of place. The crowns are made from a tooth-colored ceramic, ensuring that your prosthetic looks natural. Just keep in mind that the neighboring teeth will need to be slightly modified so they can support the dental bridge, which is similar to how a single dental crown is placed.


Older woman dental chair smiling

If you want to smile or expand your current diet despite extensive tooth loss, full and partial dentures can make it happen. During your consultation, we’ll closely examine your mouth and determine which option would best suit your needs. Your denture will be custom-made to fit your mouth exactly, ensuring that you receive the most comfortable and natural-looking prosthetic possible.

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Dental Implants

Animated dental implant abutment and dental crown

If you want the most comprehensive solution to tooth replacement available today, dental implants are your best option. Because they replace the entire tooth structure, which includes the root portion that sits underneath the gum tissue, you can expect substantial restorative benefits that you won’t find with other procedures, such as an incredible stability and extremely lifelike appearance. While dental implants take more time and are more expensive compared to regular bridges and dentures, they are considered to be the most cost-effective solution overall thanks to their longevity.

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